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Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Painting Cost

What is the Average Cost of Painting a Home's Exterior in Bowling Green KY?

The average cost to paint the outdoor of a house ranges from $3,750 to $9,750 with the average homeowner spending around $5,362 to paint the exterior of a home with 1,500 sq.ft. of wood siding, along with trim and prep-work. Lowest costs is about $2,547 for a smaller home of 1,100 sq.ft. while a larger, 3 story (2,500-3,500 sq.ft.), more intricately trimmed home could cost as much as $12,690.

source: www.fixr.com

Which Factors Affect the Total Cost of Exterior Painting?

It should come as no surprise to learn that the larger a home is, the more it will cost to paint its exterior. However, size is not the only factor to consider when hiring a professional painter. Accessibility is another big concern, and some homes can end up being incredibly expensive to paint.

For example, a three-story home that is 2,000 square feet may be twice as expensive to paint as a one-story home that is the same square footage. This is simply because of the time and effort it takes to paint from atop a large ladder as well as the safety costs involved.

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Bowling Green KY Exterior House Painting Cost Guide

The cost to professionally paint a house exterior is $7,582 on average for a 2,500-square-foot, two-story home with a typical range between $5,844 and $9,321.

Average exterior painting costs by square foot range from $2.34 to $3.72 per square foot depending on the local price of labor and materials. At the end of the day, most homeowners end up spending between $3 and $4 per sqft to paint their house exterior in 2022.

No question painting the exterior of a house is a great way to increase curb appeal and protect outdoor surfaces. Most recently, paint material prices have skyrocketed due to an industry-wide paint shortage caused by the pandemic. Consequently, brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore are in short supply. This has increased paint gallon costs by 10% to 30% across the United States over the last year.

Cost To Paint Exterior By Square Foot

In the United States, the average exterior painting cost is $3.03 per square foot to paint a home exterior. Accordingly, the easiest way to calculate the cost of an exterior house painting job is to use the total square footage as a basis.

So if your home has 1,800 sqft of livable interior space, the exterior painting surface area could be close to 1,800 sqft. Just be sure to add the square feet of attached portions like a sunroom or garage. Using this “ballpark” method correctly can get you within 500-1000 sqft of the exterior painting surface area to be painted.

Furthermore, add 10% to 50% more sqft for each hard-to-reach area like dormers on a 2-story home or if there’s a sloped incline. These exterior home areas require more time and labor to properly paint so you’ll have to budget accordingly. The same goes for areas with peeling or failing paint, which require extensive prep work before painting.

Now that you have the approximate square footage of the home’s exterior painting surface area, you can multiply the total square feet by the $2.34 – $3.72 range mentioned above.

Exterior Price Calculator

So, how much to paint a 2000 sq ft house exterior? Or, what would the price be to paint a 1,500 sq ft home? The pricing table below breaks down average costs to paint a house by square footage.

Exterior Painting Cost By Sqft (Avg)

1000 sq ft$3,030
1500 sq ft$4,544
2000 sq ft$6,059
2500 sq ft$7,576
3000 sq ft$9,091
3500 sq ft$10,605

More often than not, square footage is the best way to estimate exterior house painting. The above table can help determine if your calculations are close. However, there are more factors to keep in mind when using exterior painting calculators.

More Exterior Painting Price Factors

There are a few more exterior painting price factors you should consider. First, you should add 50% more for any drastic color changes or surfaces like brick or masonry. Without question, major exterior color changes and surfaces like brick require additional coats of primer and specialized paint to cover well.

  • Caulking Cost Per Linear Foot: $0.46-$0.88
  • Power Washing Rates Per Hour: $50-$80
  • Scraping, Sanding, & Priming Price Per Sqft: $0.58-$0.93

Don’t overlook these important exterior price details or you’ll risk paying much more in the long run. Keep in mind, these are ballpark exterior home size painting price ranges. No doubt, each home’s style, and size are different. Accordingly, this affects unit costs for house painting and your wallet.

Prep Work Labor Rates

Prep work refers to the surface preparation tasks that need to be done before an exterior repaint. Preparation work like power washing surfaces, scraping loose paint, priming bare wood, and caulking cracks account for at least 60% of exterior labor costs.

Additional considerations include proper containment of lead paint and replacing rotted wood or damaged siding material. Given that prep takes up a large portion of what painters charge for exteriors, make sure your total cost estimate details the exact process in writing.

Exterior Paint Cost By The Hour

The average exterior painting labor cost is $54-$91 per hour depending on the state or region you live in. Since painter labor costs vary widely from city to city, use these numbers with a grain of salt when budgeting.

House Painting Costs By Story

The average cost to paint a single-story home is $3,988-$6,852. One-story homes on the high end of the range tend to have a ton of prep work or require special paint for proper coating. Professional painters charge around $5,844 to $9,321 for labor and materials to paint the exterior of a two-story home. To paint a three-story house, expect to pay $8,974 to $13,491 on average. This includes the cost of paint, labor, equipment, and materials to do the job right.

Without question, painting a multi-story home is significantly more difficult to DIY as it requires specialized ladders and equipment. Not to mention, it’s significantly more dangerous to paint the exterior of a multi-story house. This is why we ask to always verify that your residential painter has at least $1-million in liability insurance and workers comp coverage. Moreover, they should willingly produce these documents on request. Just be sure to check the expiration date of the painting service’s insurance coverage to verify it’s still valid!

Exterior Painting Cost By Siding Type

The cost to paint your exterior is also affected by the type of siding or outdoor material being painted. For example, previously painted wood siding may only require a spot prime after scraping and sanding peeling areas. On the other hand, painting unpainted brick requires a full coat of masonry primer. After priming, add two topcoats of quality exterior acrylic latex paint minimum.

Not surprisingly, each square foot of brick takes considerably longer to coat versus standard clapboard siding. So, only calculating the cost of exterior painting by square footage would throw off your numbers. That’s why calculating exterior paint costs by siding type may be a better option for homes with brick, stucco, or vinyl siding.

Cost to Paint Exterior Brick

The average cost to paint a previously unpainted exterior brick home ranges from $7,889 to $12,583 for a two-story house. Indeed, the reason the cost is higher than your average exterior paint job is that painting brick requires extra time and materials to apply multiple coats. Brick painting prices by square feet range from $3.15 to $5.02 per sqft.

Not to mention, the bare brick will likely soak up your first coats of paint like a sponge. Furthermore, you’ll need to use special masonry primer and paint which can be pricey. Lastly, you will need special equipment like rollers and sprayers to apply the paint properly. It also takes skill and speed while painting to prevent flashing from one brick wall to the next. Again, painting exterior brick is another outdoor job best left to professional painters.

Vinyl Siding Paint Costs

Average costs to paint vinyl siding range from $5,259 to $8,388 for a two-story home. Vinyl siding paint pricing by square feet ranges from $2.11 to $3.35 per sqft on average. By comparison, this is about 10% lower than the national exterior painting average for typical wood siding.

Undeniably, the key to painting vinyl or aluminum siding is your skill level. After a proper wash down, you’ll want to mask and tape all windows, soffits, and doors. Following that, you will want to spray out each side at a time to reduce lap marks. Certainly, this takes skill but can be done efficiently if you plan carefully.

Stucco Painting Average Pricing

The average cost range to paint exterior stucco is $6,428 to $10,253. Often, exterior stucco exists on a Tudor-style home which increases the cost to paint by 20% on average. This is because of the intricate trim detail that needs to be painted in addition to the stucco. In order to properly paint stucco, you’ll want to hire a painter that is focused on prep work and has done stucco homes before. First, you must gently wash down the surface, making sure not to push water into any cracks. This moisture will compromise the stucco paint job’s integrity. Then you will have to properly patch and caulk any cracks in the stucco. You should use a quality exterior acrylic latex paint to ensure the stucco is allowed to breathe.

Painting Outdoor Aluminum or Metal Siding

Metal or aluminum siding is less popular these days but there are still plenty of homes with this exterior cladding. It’s no surprise as aluminum or metal siding can last up to 50 years when properly maintained. Depending on the outdoor square footage of your home, the average cost to paint exterior aluminum siding is $2.22 to $3.52 per square foot. Total painting costs for aluminum exterior paint jobs range from $5,522 to $8,807 for a two-story residence. For proper maintenance, you should get your aluminum siding repainted regularly every 5 years.

Moreover, the best paint to use on aluminum siding is exterior acrylic latex paint. Likewise, you should use a full coat of high-quality exterior acrylic primer if you are painting the aluminum for the first time. As a paintable surface, metal or aluminum siding takes very well to paint and can last for years. Make sure to keep up with regular repaints. Also, confirm your house painter carries a written warranty for their workmanship just in case.

Price to Paint Metal Railings or Fencing

Outdoor surfaces like wrought iron railings or stairs and metal fencing need a fresh coat of paint every few years to prevent rust. To calculate the price to paint metal railings or fences, you will want to use a cost per linear foot versus square footage. The average cost to paint metal railings is $4.08-$9.46 per linear foot depending on the condition of the surface. As with most exterior painting projects, the cost of labor and material make up most of this cost. In particular, the cost for metal paint like rust-oleum is $50 to $70 per gallon. Similarly, metal paint is 10-20% higher than your standard water-based acrylic siding paint.

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