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Frequently Asked Questions About House Painting Cost

What Is Average Exterior Painting Cost in Bowling Green KY?

Size of House    Stories    Total Cost
1500 sq ft.    1    $2000-$3000
2500 sq ft.    2    $3000-$4500
4000 sq ft.    3    $4500-$7000

source: paintingleads.com

What Is Average Interior Painting Cost in Bowling Green KY?

Size of House    Stories    Total Cost
1500 sq ft.    1    $2500-$3500
2500 sq ft.    2    $4000-$5500
4000 sq ft.    3    $6000-$8000

source: paintingleads.com

What Makes Up The Cost of Painting a House?

Category    Average Cost    Cost %
Labor    $1650    55%
Paint    $300    10%
Materials    $150    5%
Marketing    $150    5%
Painter's Markup    $750    25%
Total    $3000    100%


source: paintingleads.com

What Makes the Painting Price Higher?

  • House is older and requires more prep-work
  • Obstacles around the house (trees, ivy, decorations)
  • Wood needs to be replaced
  • Ground is uneven (difficult ladder placements)
  • Color changes are drastic (light to dark, dark to light etc.)
  • 2 or 3 coats of paint
  • Use of high-end paint

source: paintingleads.com

What Makes the Painting Price Lower?

  • Newer house with little prep-work required
  • Easy access to all sides of the house
  • No wood-rot or broken trim pieces
  • Even ground surrounding the house
  • Choose spraying versus hand-rolling
  • Keep the same colors, or choose similar colors
  • Use more economical paint

source: paintingleads.com

Why is Interior Painting More Expensive than Exterior Painting?

  • Interiors have more surface area than exteriors
  • You have to be extremely careful to protect the carpet and furniture
  • There are more doors + baseboards that need painting than exterior work
  • Interiors usually have to be done by hand or roller (more labor-intensive than spraying)

source: paintingleads.com

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How Much Are the Average House Painting Cost in Bowling Green KY?

The average cost to paint a room is $450-650 for a 10×12 space, when you hire a professional contractor.

If you need to complete a small painting project inside your home and want to hire a professional painter, expect to pay $25-35 per hour for labor.

Keep in mind that painting only one room costs more per square foot, compared to updating a couple of rooms or the entire house. On average, homeowners spend $300-420 or $2.5-3.5 per square foot to paint a 10×12 room. This does NOT include ceilings, baseboards, trim, or wall repair.

At first, you might think that a 10×12 room is 120 sq.ft. However, WALL SURFACE is room perimeter X wall height (44ft x 8ft) or 352 sq.ft! So, now you are actually paying about $1 per sq. ft. of wall surface.

If you include all these additional factors, the total price for one room can be as high $650-1,000+, depending on the amount of additional time and labor required. Furniture removal will be an extra $100-150 per room.

Keep in mind that labor rates vary greatly from region to region. For example, in large cities where the standard of living is higher, contractors will charge significantly more than in less affluent areas. This is why it is so important to get free price quotes from 3-4 local contractors, so that you know what the rates are where you live.

How Project Size Impacts Labor Charges

When budgeting, keep in mind the biggest factor that affects your total cost is the area size. If you only need to paint one or two rooms, you will pay the highest price per square foot. This is because a professional painter has to also include the cost of set up, time spent on getting the materials, and other overhead.

You can get a much better deal if you decide to update a bigger area. For example, if you want to paint an entire house of about 1,700 sq.ft., your price per sq.ft. will go down to about $2.25 – 2.40 Hence, an even bigger project of about 3,000 sq.ft. will drop the cost per square foot to about $1.85.

Finally, note that all estimates are typically for 8 ft ceilings. If your ceilings are higher, you should add about 9% to the total cost, for each extra foot of height your ceiling has.

Improvements And Enhancements

There are a number of factors that can increase the total cost of this project.

Wall repairs: budget about $40-45/hr to fix the damages.

Colors: if you want your walls to be painted in darker colors, it will likely take more than 2 coats to get proper coverage and color saturation. As a result, the total cost will go up.

Special texture: some room designs call for textured walls. These will cost 20-30% more to paint, depending on the texture, because it will require more paint, and more labor.

Quality of paint: most pros use house brands for both primer and paint, such as BEHR. However, if you want premium colors or premium quality paint, such as Farrow & Ball, expect to spend about $99/gallon.

Vaulted/Cathedral ceilings: painting a room that has vaulted or cathedral ceilings will cost a few hundred dollars extra. It will take longer and will be more labor intensive to set up the staging for this job.

Paint window trim: if you have windows in the room, its a good idea to paint the trim around them as well (unless its a natural wood stain). Otherwise, your newly painted room will look strange and unfinished. Thus, depending on how many windows you have, there will be an additional charge of about $200-300.

Decorative finish: an accent wall or an entire room that you want to paint with special texture, this will cost significantly more. While marble textures start at about $5-6 per sq.ft. stenciling can be as much as $8-11 per sq.ft.

Overall, to get the best look, we recommend repainting the entire room and the ceiling.

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